The Las Vegas shooting is about MURDER

Just a few days ago, we experienced one of the worst mass murders in U.S. history. At this time, it is believed that one person murdered 59 people, injured nearly 600 other people, while attempting to murder thousands of people.

These people were out for an evening of enjoyment watching a live country music concert. What they ended up with was an evening of abject fear and, in many cases, total panic.

People running from the attack in Las Vegas

People running from the attack

People trying to escape the attack

There were many instances of people putting their own lives at risk while trying to assist injured persons to safety and help.

People helping injured

His weapon of choice? Rifles.

So, quite predictably, liberals throughout our nation are focusing ONLY on the fact that the murderer chose a firearm as his weapon of choice.

Never mind that in 2001, a group of terrorists used AIRPLANES to commit the murder of 3,000 people.

Never mind that each and every year, drivers use their vehicles to kill nearly 100 people EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Never mind that Timothy McVeigh used a fertilizer bomb in a truck to kill 168 people and injure over 600.

There is NO effort to outlaw airplanes, vehicles, or fertilizer… Weapons of choice used to thousands of people worldwide. In every one of those instances where the weapon of choice was a vehicle, airplane (yes, I know an airplane IS a vehicle), or some sort of explosive, the focus is only on the perpetrator of the murder and not on the weapon of choice. As it should be!

However, any time a firearm is used to commit murder, the MURDERER is quickly dismissed and blame assigned ONLY to the fact that he/she/it chose a firearm to commit the crime.

Some of you might wonder why this focus on the firearm is so prevalent. Why not focus on the murderer? Why not focus on why so many people in our country WANT to go out and kill innocent people? Why not turn our attention to teaching our young people the value of life?

The answer lies in several areas.

One area is just simple fear. So many people have a basic fear of any object that can be used to kill and injure. They are especially afraid of an object that can be used to kill or injure at great distances. I don’t have that fear of such an object because it is just an object! With out a PERSON intent on USING IT to commit murder, the object will not act of its own volition.

However, the most dangerous reason to us is that there is a huge number of people in higher positions of authority that want firearms concentrated to be within ONLY their control. They are not “anti-gun”. They are against anyone outside of their direct control HAVING a gun. They LOVE guns! They love the fact that their security people have guns. They love the fact that the law enforcement personnel UNDER THEIR CONTROL have guns. They love the fact that the military UNDER THEIR CONTROL have guns.

What they hate is the very idea that it just might be possible for YOU and I to use guns to put up a viable defense AGAINST the forces THEY CONTROL should those people ever decide to use those forces to further limit our freedom.

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Trump is a Nazi!

Just ask the liberals! It’s all over their communities, Trump is a Nazi.

At least, they say he is. But, when you ask them to articulate why they say he is a Nazi, they’re stumped! Absolutely unable to articulate their reasoning.

Here, I have re-created a typical conversation with a typical liberal.

Me: I see you’re sign. Why are you declaring Trump to to be a Nazi?

Lib: Are you serious? Are you a moron? Of course he’s a Nazi!

Notice, any questioning of their declarations do result in immediate insults

Me: Well, educate me! Tell me just why you say he is one.

Lib: He hates people of color!

Me: He does? Why do you say he hates people of color?

Lib: He’s trying to deport all immigrants!!

Me: Hmmm… the only people I have ever heard that he wants to deport are illegal aliens…all illegal aliens, of any ethnicity. I’ve never heard him wanting to deport legal immigrants at all. Have you?

Lib: They are NOT illegal ALIENS! They simply came here without documentation!

Me: Yeah, did not get documentation, or were unable to get documentation, then still knowingly crossed our border in violation of our laws. How does that make Trump a Nazi?

Lib: Because he will punish them and deport them!

Me: Oh, I see. So, because he wants to uphold our immigration law and deport illegal aliens, like every other nation in the world, he’s a Nazi but every other national leader in the world who does the same thing is not a Nazi?

Lib: You’re an asshole! You’re a Nazi too! It’s useless talking to you!

Of course, at that point, the lib will walk off… often giving you the finger as he/she/it walks away.

No, Trump is no Nazi. Neither is he a racist. His many awards from several civil rights organizations sort of prove that. His recent trip to Texas, where people of ALL skin colors joyfully thanked him and took selfies with him, sort of proves it too!

These ladies were joyful to take a selfie with President Trump

Liberals, the disaster in Texas was terrible but, there was a silver lining. People from every ethnicity banded together to help each other in any way they could. Texas PROVED that you’re ideas are an absolute falsehood. The people of this nation DO NOT CARE about skin color! They CARE about each other regardless of skin color!

Trump helps deliver meals.


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Over the past few years, I have watched as the younger people in our nation reacted with expressed fear of…damn near everything!

They have expressed fear of speeches they disagree with and will never hearĀ because they won’t go to listen to them…

They actually break down and bawl.

They are afraid of people who don’t want to contribute to killing babies…

Recently, a banana peel hanging in a tree sent them into hiding! A banana peel!

This! This banana peel on a tree sent students rushing to find a ‘safe space’!

Woe be to the unthinking person who might call someone by one of the only two genders that actually exist today! In California, the legislature is actually considering a LAW that would criminalize such a thing! For some reason, today’s generation seems to think there are close to 100 different genders that anyone can simply choose…on a whim… It is apparently terribly insulting and a form of aggression to simply refer to them by the one gender they were born with, according to the body they were born with.

Statues are apparently able to somehow inflict damage too! All over our nation, people are screaming about how various and sundry statues have caused them terrible damage…just because they exist.

A whole organization has blossomed from the snowflake fears. Antifa now claims that any and all views, whether expressed or not, that differ from their own is an actual attack against them! According to them, it is such a violent attack, to have a view they don’t agree with, that physical violence is required to stomp it out! Lord forbid they try to use reason and words to combat reason and words.

So, here we have the state of snowflakery in the world today. A bunch of people so insecure, so frightened by anything outside of their own limited view, that they are running to ‘safe spaces’ to escape, physically attacking people over words that they are unable to argue against, and generally doing all in their power to destroy the world around them.

People, the movie Idiocracy was quite prophetic…

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I got WORMS! OMG! Wooooorrrmmmms

Yep, I got worms! Slimy, crawly, worms!

Um, redworms that is. Those little garbage eating machines that poop out the best soil amendment the world has ever known!

A small portion of the pound of redworms I received today!

This is a picture of some of the worms I got in the mail today from a mail order worm farm. The cost for these little, slimy, garbage eaters is a bit steep but, the worm farm I ordered from had the best price at $35 is actually one of the lower prices on the internet!

Why am I buying worms? you ask. Well, I’ll tell ya.

Redworms will eat just about all of your organic garbage. They digest it and then poop it out. It is that worm poo that is absolutely the best amendment you can use in your garden, potted plants, even on your lawn. It is natures super fertilizer. The worm poop has a nicer name of worm castings. You can plant directly into worm castings without any worry that your plants will burn up from too much fertilizer!

Here are the rest of the pictures:

Worms in the bag and bedding they were shipped in.

They were shipped in a bedding of peat. I’m not sure if the peat had been rinsed to reduced acidity or not.

I used two 5 gallon buckets to make a bin. One inside the other. bottom bucket is just to collect water. Top/inside bucket holds worms and garbage.

Just dump the whole bag right on top of the garbage in the bin! Leave the top OFF for a while! The light inside your home will make them burrow into the garbage to escape. DO NOT do this outside though! Ultraviolet light will kill them. Once the majority have burrowed down, you can put the cover back on.

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OMG! WORDS! I have to DEFEND myself!

Really, that is the view from the left. Any words they deem to be outside of THEIR limited ideology must be defeated… by VIOLENCE!

Have a look! Make it viral!


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Antifa- closest thing to a fascist group we have

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Antifa being fascist is old news for anyone with the ability to use logic and reason. However, so many people seem to abandon the use of those two things.


Antifa violence against freedom.

Antifa is the most visible indicator today of the abandonment of logic and reason. Their name is supposed to stand for ‘antifascist’ but, their actions show just how close they are to being fascists themselves.

Antifa is against any expression that does not strictly follow their own idealized notion of how society should work.

In order to suppress any ideas that do not match their own, Antifa will go to just about any violent lengths to silence those who would present any argument, good or bad, against their ideology.

In all of their violent protests, I have not yet seen them have a single peaceful protest, Antifa screams about shutting up the Nazis. However, their tactics follow the methods of Hitler’s brown shirts during the rise of the Nazi party of Germany so many years ago.

Though they carry an anti-fascist sign, Antifa is actually very fascist

Why are the Antifa people so quick to resort to outright violence?

There is only ONE reason. They are not able to present a logical, reasoned, defense of their ideology.

Antifa wants full, governmental control over every aspect of human life in the country. They detest the very idea of individual freedom.

Whenever they are presented with arguments for individual freedom, and especially freedom of speech, Antifa’s very first response is one of violence because, they have no effective argument against freedom. they know that they can not possibly win a logical argument so, they have no other recourse but to resort to violence.

Antifa hates individual freedom.

Please, do not encourage these misdirected people. However, always be prepared to defend yourself from attack from anyone…

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America NEEDS socialists to do this!

Look, the United States of America has a huge, thriving, ever growing, well educated population of fully committed socialists.

The socialists of the Untied States are a HUGE resource! It’s a crying shame that they are not put to good use!

Our socialists can actually save an entire nation and boost the United States of Americas at the same time!

You see, all of our socialists KNOW how socialism is supposed to work. The KNOW the right way to implement socialism!

But, one of our neighbors on the South American continent is FAILING! It is appalling that a nation as RICH in valuable resources such as Venezuela is near total collapse!

Empty store shelves in Venezuela

This should be the most successful socialist nation ever to have been created. They have the best oil reserves in the world! No citizen of Venezuela should go without!

Why is Venezuela on the verge of total collapse and popular revolt?

Protests in Venezuela

It’s because they didn’t do it right! That’s right, nobody in Venezuela bothered to consult the experts of socialism! They just did it without ever learning how to do it.

So, I have a solution to all of Venezuela’s problems!

Right here, in the United States of America, we have millions of experts in socialism! millions of em! They have been telling us of their expertise for many, many, decades and they keep making more expert socialists every year!

The solution then is that all of our expert socialist need to go to Venezuela and show them how to do it correctly! Just think, they could save an entire nation in one fell swoop!

Socialists, serve your purpose! Have mommy and daddy fork over the cash you need to get that one way ticket south so you can save a nation!

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