How wide is your path in life?

Each of us travel a path through life. The path may be straight or it may have may twists and turns. It is also possible that our path branches off to a new path.

What I want to explore today is the width of the path through life.

When I look at the path I’m on now in my life and the path’s I have taken to get to this point, Sometimes it is difficult to define because my path is so full of different side paths. If we could get an overhead view, my path would be quite wide. To some, it may look confused and without direction.

In the course of a single day, I’ll travel many paths in my life. I may work on this blog and, while I just happen to have my laptop on and my web browser open, work on bills or check for job listings, and also communicate on social media. Later in the day, I might work on my vehicles or go do some horseback riding. It may seem that I am veering off and choosing a new life pathway at a whim.

But, I’m not veering onto a new path. I’m simply taking various side trips that combine to create the wide life path that I have been on for many years.

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Do you choose your life’s path or does it choose you?

It’s a valid question! Where does the choice really lay?

That all depends on several factors. I might choose a certain path for my day but, circumstances may alter that path.

My truck stuck in the snow

Stuck in the snow on a lonely road.

Here, I had chosen a path of exploring the Norther Nevada wilderness. There’s a lot of it! When I left Reno, I had no idea that these conditions would exist. However, after many miles on a lonely dirt road, that eventually became coated in snow, my chosen path had to change due to circumstances.

Yes, it was MY decision to turn around but, that decision was the best that circumstances allowed at the time. It could be said that the path I eventually took chose me.

Each and every day, we choose various paths in life. Every moment, we make a decision that changes our course toward the future… We can not change the course of our history, that has already passed. Only for our future can we choose our path through life, dependent upon circumstances at the time.

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