America NEEDS socialists to do this!

Look, the United States of America has a huge, thriving, ever growing, well educated population of fully committed socialists.

The socialists of the Untied States are a HUGE resource! It’s a crying shame that they are not put to good use!

Our socialists can actually save an entire nation and boost the United States of Americas at the same time!

You see, all of our socialists KNOW how socialism is supposed to work. The KNOW the right way to implement socialism!

But, one of our neighbors on the South American continent is FAILING! It is appalling that a nation as RICH in valuable resources such as Venezuela is near total collapse!

Empty store shelves in Venezuela

This should be the most successful socialist nation ever to have been created. They have the best oil reserves in the world! No citizen of Venezuela should go without!

Why is Venezuela on the verge of total collapse and popular revolt?

Protests in Venezuela

It’s because they didn’t do it right! That’s right, nobody in Venezuela bothered to consult the experts of socialism! They just did it without ever learning how to do it.

So, I have a solution to all of Venezuela’s problems!

Right here, in the United States of America, we have millions of experts in socialism! millions of em! They have been telling us of their expertise for many, many, decades and they keep making more expert socialists every year!

The solution then is that all of our expert socialist need to go to Venezuela and show them how to do it correctly! Just think, they could save an entire nation in one fell swoop!

Socialists, serve your purpose! Have mommy and daddy fork over the cash you need to get that one way ticket south so you can save a nation!

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