Antifa- closest thing to a fascist group we have

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Antifa being fascist is old news for anyone with the ability to use logic and reason. However, so many people seem to abandon the use of those two things.


Antifa violence against freedom.

Antifa is the most visible indicator today of the abandonment of logic and reason. Their name is supposed to stand for ‘antifascist’ but, their actions show just how close they are to being fascists themselves.

Antifa is against any expression that does not strictly follow their own idealized notion of how society should work.

In order to suppress any ideas that do not match their own, Antifa will go to just about any violent lengths to silence those who would present any argument, good or bad, against their ideology.

In all of their violent protests, I have not yet seen them have a single peaceful protest, Antifa screams about shutting up the Nazis. However, their tactics follow the methods of Hitler’s brown shirts during the rise of the Nazi party of Germany so many years ago.

Though they carry an anti-fascist sign, Antifa is actually very fascist

Why are the Antifa people so quick to resort to outright violence?

There is only ONE reason. They are not able to present a logical, reasoned, defense of their ideology.

Antifa wants full, governmental control over every aspect of human life in the country. They detest the very idea of individual freedom.

Whenever they are presented with arguments for individual freedom, and especially freedom of speech, Antifa’s very first response is one of violence because, they have no effective argument against freedom. they know that they can not possibly win a logical argument so, they have no other recourse but to resort to violence.

Antifa hates individual freedom.

Please, do not encourage these misdirected people. However, always be prepared to defend yourself from attack from anyone…

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