I got WORMS! OMG! Wooooorrrmmmms

Yep, I got worms! Slimy, crawly, worms!

Um, redworms that is. Those little garbage eating machines that poop out the best soil amendment the world has ever known!

A small portion of the pound of redworms I received today!

This is a picture of some of the worms I got in the mail today from a mail order worm farm. The cost for these little, slimy, garbage eaters is a bit steep but, the worm farm I ordered from had the best price at $35 is actually one of the lower prices on the internet!

Why am I buying worms? you ask. Well, I’ll tell ya.

Redworms will eat just about all of your organic garbage. They digest it and then poop it out. It is that worm poo that is absolutely the best amendment you can use in your garden, potted plants, even on your lawn. It is natures super fertilizer. The worm poop has a nicer name of worm castings. You can plant directly into worm castings without any worry that your plants will burn up from too much fertilizer!

Here are the rest of the pictures:

Worms in the bag and bedding they were shipped in.

They were shipped in a bedding of peat. I’m not sure if the peat had been rinsed to reduced acidity or not.

I used two 5 gallon buckets to make a bin. One inside the other. bottom bucket is just to collect water. Top/inside bucket holds worms and garbage.

Just dump the whole bag right on top of the garbage in the bin! Leave the top OFF for a while! The light inside your home will make them burrow into the garbage to escape. DO NOT do this outside though! Ultraviolet light will kill them. Once the majority have burrowed down, you can put the cover back on.

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