Over the past few years, I have watched as the younger people in our nation reacted with expressed fear of…damn near everything!

They have expressed fear of speeches they disagree with and will never hear because they won’t go to listen to them…

They actually break down and bawl.

They are afraid of people who don’t want to contribute to killing babies…

Recently, a banana peel hanging in a tree sent them into hiding! A banana peel!

This! This banana peel on a tree sent students rushing to find a ‘safe space’!

Woe be to the unthinking person who might call someone by one of the only two genders that actually exist today! In California, the legislature is actually considering a LAW that would criminalize such a thing! For some reason, today’s generation seems to think there are close to 100 different genders that anyone can simply choose…on a whim… It is apparently terribly insulting and a form of aggression to simply refer to them by the one gender they were born with, according to the body they were born with.

Statues are apparently able to somehow inflict damage too! All over our nation, people are screaming about how various and sundry statues have caused them terrible damage…just because they exist.

A whole organization has blossomed from the snowflake fears. Antifa now claims that any and all views, whether expressed or not, that differ from their own is an actual attack against them! According to them, it is such a violent attack, to have a view they don’t agree with, that physical violence is required to stomp it out! Lord forbid they try to use reason and words to combat reason and words.

So, here we have the state of snowflakery in the world today. A bunch of people so insecure, so frightened by anything outside of their own limited view, that they are running to ‘safe spaces’ to escape, physically attacking people over words that they are unable to argue against, and generally doing all in their power to destroy the world around them.

People, the movie Idiocracy was quite prophetic…

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