Trump is a Nazi!

Just ask the liberals! It’s all over their communities, Trump is a Nazi.

At least, they say he is. But, when you ask them to articulate why they say he is a Nazi, they’re stumped! Absolutely unable to articulate their reasoning.

Here, I have re-created a typical conversation with a typical liberal.

Me: I see you’re sign. Why are you declaring Trump to to be a Nazi?

Lib: Are you serious? Are you a moron? Of course he’s a Nazi!

Notice, any questioning of their declarations do result in immediate insults

Me: Well, educate me! Tell me just why you say he is one.

Lib: He hates people of color!

Me: He does? Why do you say he hates people of color?

Lib: He’s trying to deport all immigrants!!

Me: Hmmm… the only people I have ever heard that he wants to deport are illegal aliens…all illegal aliens, of any ethnicity. I’ve never heard him wanting to deport legal immigrants at all. Have you?

Lib: They are NOT illegal ALIENS! They simply came here without documentation!

Me: Yeah, did not get documentation, or were unable to get documentation, then still knowingly crossed our border in violation of our laws. How does that make Trump a Nazi?

Lib: Because he will punish them and deport them!

Me: Oh, I see. So, because he wants to uphold our immigration law and deport illegal aliens, like every other nation in the world, he’s a Nazi but every other national leader in the world who does the same thing is not a Nazi?

Lib: You’re an asshole! You’re a Nazi too! It’s useless talking to you!

Of course, at that point, the lib will walk off… often giving you the finger as he/she/it walks away.

No, Trump is no Nazi. Neither is he a racist. His many awards from several civil rights organizations sort of prove that. His recent trip to Texas, where people of ALL skin colors joyfully thanked him and took selfies with him, sort of proves it too!

These ladies were joyful to take a selfie with President Trump

Liberals, the disaster in Texas was terrible but, there was a silver lining. People from every ethnicity banded together to help each other in any way they could. Texas PROVED that you’re ideas are an absolute falsehood. The people of this nation DO NOT CARE about skin color! They CARE about each other regardless of skin color!

Trump helps deliver meals.


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