The Las Vegas shooting is about MURDER

Just a few days ago, we experienced one of the worst mass murders in U.S. history. At this time, it is believed that one person murdered 59 people, injured nearly 600 other people, while attempting to murder thousands of people.

These people were out for an evening of enjoyment watching a live country music concert. What they ended up with was an evening of abject fear and, in many cases, total panic.

People running from the attack in Las Vegas

People running from the attack

People trying to escape the attack

There were many instances of people putting their own lives at risk while trying to assist injured persons to safety and help.

People helping injured

His weapon of choice? Rifles.

So, quite predictably, liberals throughout our nation are focusing ONLY on the fact that the murderer chose a firearm as his weapon of choice.

Never mind that in 2001, a group of terrorists used AIRPLANES to commit the murder of 3,000 people.

Never mind that each and every year, drivers use their vehicles to kill nearly 100 people EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Never mind that Timothy McVeigh used a fertilizer bomb in a truck to kill 168 people and injure over 600.

There is NO effort to outlaw airplanes, vehicles, or fertilizer… Weapons of choice used to thousands of people worldwide. In every one of those instances where the weapon of choice was a vehicle, airplane (yes, I know an airplane IS a vehicle), or some sort of explosive, the focus is only on the perpetrator of the murder and not on the weapon of choice. As it should be!

However, any time a firearm is used to commit murder, the MURDERER is quickly dismissed and blame assigned ONLY to the fact that he/she/it chose a firearm to commit the crime.

Some of you might wonder why this focus on the firearm is so prevalent. Why not focus on the murderer? Why not focus on why so many people in our country WANT to go out and kill innocent people? Why not turn our attention to teaching our young people the value of life?

The answer lies in several areas.

One area is just simple fear. So many people have a basic fear of any object that can be used to kill and injure. They are especially afraid of an object that can be used to kill or injure at great distances. I don’t have that fear of such an object because it is just an object! With out a PERSON intent on USING IT to commit murder, the object will not act of its own volition.

However, the most dangerous reason to us is that there is a huge number of people in higher positions of authority that want firearms concentrated to be within ONLY their control. They are not “anti-gun”. They are against anyone outside of their direct control HAVING a gun. They LOVE guns! They love the fact that their security people have guns. They love the fact that the law enforcement personnel UNDER THEIR CONTROL have guns. They love the fact that the military UNDER THEIR CONTROL have guns.

What they hate is the very idea that it just might be possible for YOU and I to use guns to put up a viable defense AGAINST the forces THEY CONTROL should those people ever decide to use those forces to further limit our freedom.

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